Our Team

Our Team

Kevin L. Davenport, AIF®

Principal and Wealth Advisor


“I do what I do because I love to help people reach their life goals through financial planning,” says Kevin Davenport, founder of Davenport Wealth Management, a boutique firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. “What I find rewarding is when someone shares their dreams with me, and our team helps them develop and execute a plan to realize their personal vision.”

Kevin’s interest in finance and wealth as a way to help people started early, with an accounting class in high school. “We played the stock market game to learn some of the basics and I really got into it,” he says. “It got me thinking about how people can use wealth building to go places in life.”

He continued that focus at Baldwin Wallace University, where he majored in business administration and played on the football team. “But really the best thing to happen to me at BW—other than meeting my incredible wife, Christie—was tearing my ACL my sophomore year,” says Kevin. “It may seem strange to say that—but I wasn’t going to the NFL, and being off the field really allowed me to become laser focused on my professional passions.”

While still at BW, Kevin completed internships with National City Bank (now PNC), Merrill Lynch, and Northwestern Mutual. After graduating, he joined one of the big financial firms, where he pushed to diversify the firm’s core focus on insurance products by building his own financial advisory practice. Kevin was interested in a strategic, diversified approach to wealth building that aligned with his clients’ personal goals and unique situations. “A comprehensive plan that brings clarity to your financial goals helps create order and give people a sense of confidence to pursue their goals,” says Kevin.

Kevin’s work paid off, and the firm’s advisory business took off, with clients choosing to entrust their financial resources to Kevin’s guidance. But after more than 15 years in the business, he was chafing at the big-firm approach. “I just eventually came to the conclusion that I needed to realize my vision and establish my own culture for service—in my eyes, clients are relationships, not transactions,” Kevin says. “I wanted my firm to be independent and free to act in our clients' best interests, without any pressure to meet sales goals. So that is how Davenport Wealth Management was born—on a foundation of client service and relationships.”

Kevin’s loyalty has paid off, with clients following him to Davenport Wealth Management when he founded the firm in 2013. Kevin has continued to pursue his passion to great success. His past clients came with him, and he continued to add new ones, while recruiting other wealth advisors to join his team as the client base grew.

But for Kevin, the reward has stayed the same. “I’ve been at this for 20 years now, so I’ve had the opportunity to see clients send their children and grandchildren to college and watch them go confidently into retirement and do the things they’ve been dreaming of their entire working career,” says Kevin. “Knowing that we played a part in it—that’s an incredible feeling.”

Away from work, Kevin and Christie enjoy spending time with their dog, McDuff, in the Metroparks Rocky River Reservation, near their home in Berea.

Designations and registrations:

  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®)
  • FINRA Series 6, 7, 63, and 66 securities registrations (held through Commonwealth Financial Network®)
  • Life and health insurance licenses

Ryan C. Olds, CFP®

Wealth Advisor

“I’ve always felt really strongly about the benefits of helping our clients plan comprehensively for their financial future,” says Ryan Olds, wealth advisor with Davenport Wealth Management. “That’s why I joined Kevin a few years after he founded Davenport—our values align on how to treat clients, and how we can do the most to help change their lives.”

In 2002, Ryan was an intern at one of the big financial firms where he met Kevin. “In some ways, you could say it’s Kevin's fault that I got into the advising world,” said Ryan. “He took me under his wing, and we just hit off. I realized rather quickly that I had a desire to work in this field but do it in a different way.” That meant instead of just selling clients on products like insurance, there was a laser focus on helping people meet long-term goals through comprehensive financial planning.

After college, Ryan spent more than a decade working in the industry in both big and smaller independent firms, honing his craft, and earning his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner certificate in 2008. But he found the experience “too cookie cutter.” He was pushing to provide clients with real-life advice and guidance, while the firm was “just churning out financial plans with charts and graphs in a nice binder without any depth to it—just tied to selling people on products.”

Ryan and Kevin kept in touch over the years—discussing whether the two might eventually join forces. When Kevin made the leap to establish Davenport Wealth Management in 2014, Ryan took notice. In May 2017, Ryan made the move to Davenport and has never looked back.

“Working here at Davenport has allowed me to dig deeper with clients and get to what is really impactful for their relationships to money,” said Ryan. “It might be meaningful for some people to stop working earlier than 65. For others, it might be an issue of cash flow—some people are so risk-averse that they end up hoarding their money and not enjoying life. I aim to help people see money and financial strategy as just a means to an end for them to achieve their life goals.”

For Ryan, his satisfaction comes whether the client is a multimillionaire or someone who is just starting out. “Often, the most impactful work we can do is for the person just starting out, because that early work can have such major benefits down the road,” he explained. “And when I was a younger advisor, I soon realized I wouldn’t even qualify to be my own client because I didn’t have enough assets to manage.”

Ryan appreciates that Davenport Wealth Management figured out a way to meet clients where they are at on their path to financial achievements—whether at the beginning, toward the end, or anywhere in between. “Being truly client-focused is core to everything we do here, which is the most important thing to me.”

When he’s not working at the firm, Ryan loves to spend his time with his wife, Katy, and their two boys, Rhys and Chase. The Olds family lives in Concord, where Ryan and Katy met in junior high, and where Ryan serves as president for the Concord Youth Baseball League.

Designations and registrations:

  • FINRA Series 6, 7, and 66 securities registrations (held through Commonwealth Financial Network®)
  • Life and health insurance licenses

Kelly Young

Administrative Assistant

“I love working with numbers and creating order to things—and I love being part of a high-achieving team that helps people,” says Kelly Young, Davenport’s administrative assistant. “Working with Kevin and Ryan lets me do both.” She also enjoys hearing about clients achieving their life goals. “When Kevin and Ryan tell me one of our clients just made her last tuition payment from her 529 plan to send her daughter to college, I love it—it’s really rewarding.”

At Davenport, Kelly is the oil that makes the machine run smoothly, while Kevin and Ryan work with clients to meet their personal goals through financial planning. Kelly describes herself as the “team manager,” organizing things, preparing documents for clients, keeping the firm calendar, and ensuring the advisors hit their meetings with everything they need to serve the clients. On follow-up, Kelly makes sure that clients' files and paperwork are always up to date—from updating beneficiaries to ultimately following up with clients on signatures and the like.

“Working at Davenport actually reminds me of my past life in soccer,” says Kelly, who played competitively as a goalie in college. Prior to joining Davenport, she was the assistant women’s soccer coach for Saint Louis University. Her role involved both helping the athletes excel on the field while also managing the team operations, recruiting, and scheduling. “The feel here has a lot of similarities—we’re all on the same page as a company, like a team pulling in the same direction. The main difference is that keeping Kevin and Ryan on schedule is a lot easier than a bunch of college girls!”

Following her time at Saint Louis U., Kelly moved back to the Cleveland area with her husband to be closer to family. They had met while in college in Chicago, where Kelly earned her master’s degree from Valparaiso University. She applied for the job with Davenport because she became interested in financial matters after taking a “baby steps” course on budgeting and finance. “I realized that I wanted to be part of a financial firm, and that my skill set would really add something to the Davenport Wealth Management team,” she said. Kevin and Ryan agree with that assessment.

“Kelly has really taken our firm to the next level with her detail-oriented approach,” said Kevin. “We have over 250 procedures that we document, and we want to be consistent for our clients. Kelly is a huge help on that—nothing gets by her.” When asked how she makes sure nothing slips through the cracks, Kelly saw a connection to her competitive soccer past. “I guess it’s the goalie in me,” she said.

When she’s not working at the firm, Kelly enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her husband, Bo. The Young family lives in West Park with their Labrabull, Hayden.